Service Troubleshooting/FAQ

To Request Service Call: 1-877-527-2377

Man inspecting medical imaging.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my Filed Service Report?
A: A copy of your FSR will be left at your facility or mailed after your Coeur Service Representative performs on-site service.

Q: How do I schedule a PM?
A: Contact Customer Service at 1-877-547-2377 or use our online request form.

Q: When was my last PM?
A: Coeur typically provides PM?s annually. Please Contact Customer Service at 1-877-547-2377or use our online request form to determine when your last PM took place.

Q: When does my contract expire?
A: Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-547-2377 or use our online request form.

Q: How often should a PM be performed on our equipment?
A: Most customer accounts receive a PM annually. We will estimate the wear on your components and identify potential problems before they occur.

Q: How much does the Coeur Service Contract cost?
A: Coeur offers a number of Service Agreements to fit your specific needs. Please refer to our Service Packages section or contact Customer Service.

Q: Are Coeur Service Representatives certified?
A: With over 35 years of biomedical engineering experience and over 12 years of specialized service on Liebel-Flarsheim and Medrad contrast injectors, Coeur Service Representatives have the knowledge and certifications to keep your equipment up and running properly.