Packaging and Dispenser Coils

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Dispenser coils displayed


Coeur OEM is committed to providing our customers with a multitude of customized packaging solutions. Some of our packaging materials and containers include:

Dispenser Coils

Dispenser Coils displayed

We are committed to providing our guidewire and micro-catheter customers with custom designed dispenser coils that exceed their expectations. We control the components we use, extruding all of our own tubing through laser-gauged and closed-looped systems and injection molding our own clips and luers. We injection mold our clips because they provide up to 30% more holding power over an extruded clip, and they remain the same, clip after clip. Because we have spent years co-developing over 400 different dispenser
coil designs with our customers, we have the expertise to help you with the design of your new coil.